Moms United We dont sell, we share

Welcome to the first baby-centric community in the UAE. Here, you can find everything from a whole-range of 2nd hand baby items to personal reviews on paediatricians and advice from other moms.

What had inspired me to create this portal was that I had come to realize that there is a lack of emotional support and preparation as to the challenges that we face during and post-pregnancy. Be it breastfeeding challenges, poor supply of breast milk, healthy recipes or even the right pediatrician for your little one. All those concerns will be addressed here. Feel free to hop into the forum discussions where you will find tons of opinions and advice from first-hand moms who will help you through your struggles and answer your questions. Don't forget to rate places you've been to or doctors you have encountered to help other moms make the most suitable decisions for them.

I am also aiming at organizing events and small gatherings where moms can meet and discuss all baby-related matters. And finally, let's share some support, love and care that is lacking in our world today.

Lots of Care, An Exhausted Mom